Fairy Tale Comics: Classic Tales Told By Extraordinary Cartoonists

Seventeen great old stories get the graphic treatment by fresh cartoonists and illustrators. Raina Telgemeier has Rapunzel deftly lasso-ing like a cowboy to ensure her own rescue and leave the tower behind. Lafcadio Hearn draws the Japanese tale of the Boy Who Drew Cats (and subdues the Goblin Rat) in ten pages of action filled panels. Gilbert ‘Beto” Hernandez takes Hansel and Gretel into and out of the woods defeating both the Gingerbread-House witch and their beady-eyed evil stepmother. Editor Chris Duffy earned his stripes as Nickelodeon Magazine’s comics section editor for 13 years, and here he does us all a favor in inviting this cabal of creative illustrators to present  both traditional European/Grimms Fairy Tale favorites and several less well known from other lands. FirstSecondBooks.com is a top-shelf provider of graphic novels, and this deserves a place alongside the earlier Duffy edited collection of 50  Nursery Rhyme Comics . Highly recommended for elementary, downright fun for all!

Craig Seasholes, Sanislo Elementary School

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